January 29, 2009


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As time changes, people need to adjust their systems for success. I am really excited that with the recent changes in the real estate industry, my broker decided to open an ERA Franchise in Atlanta, GA.

For those of you that don’t know ERA, they are a global real estate company whose parent company is Realogy (the same parent company of Century 21 and Southeby’s). Besides the technology advantages, marketing advantages and resources available, one of the best things that I love about this company is its EXPOSURE and REACH to Atlanta buyers and Atlanta sellers!

We all know a house can’t sell without an offer and offers don’t come in without exposure…EIGHTY-SEVEN (87%) of buyers are shopping online, so what a better way to get your Atlanta house sold as its being marketed to a local, national and international level!!

If that wasn’t enough, ERA went on a instituted the SELLERS SECURITY PLAN and WHAT a USEFUL resource in this day and time….The bottom line is that if I don’t sell your home, ERA will buy it!!!!

No, I did not just stutter…..See the details below….

Guaranteed sale, guaranteed price.
When you accept an offer from ERA Franchise Systems LLC, the Sellers Security® Plan assures you that ERA Franchise Systems LLC will buy your current house if it doesn’t sell within 180 days from the application date. ERA Franchise Systems LLC guarantees the purchase price offer, so you’ll know in advance the minimum you can expect from the sale of your house. You’ll also have plenty of time to see if any other buyer is willing to pay more.

You get the profit, ERA Franchise Systems LLC covers any loss.
Almost always, you will receive more than the price guaranteed by the agreement. If ERA Franchise Systems LLC ends up purchasing your house and then resells it for more than we have in it (including holding and closing expenses), the net profits are returned to you. But if ERA Franchise Systems LLC sells it for less, you don’t take the loss, ERA Franchise Systems LLC does.

Increased Buying Power.
The ERA® offer eliminates the uncertainty of contingency offers giving you the flexibility to move when you want. You are in a better negotiating position than other buyers who may still have to sell a home.
Sellers Security Plan qualification.

Your house must be a single-family primary residence. Houses must have an average appraised value of at least $50,000 and not more than $750,000. Mobile homes, co-ops, or multi-family homes are not eligible for the plan. Properties that have an abandoned storage tank on site are also not eligible.

Certain conditions apply. Contact me for more information!!!


January 16, 2009

The REDC Comes to Atlanta and Breaks Hearts, Yet Again….

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The REDC Comes to Atlanta and Destroys Dreams, Yet Again….

We’ll the REDC did it again! They destroyed another one of my clients dreams……

Mr. A, my client, decided he wanted to purchase properties from the REDC Atlanta Home Auction, despite my recommendation not to. I diligently explained that good deals come in all forms-not just in Atlanta Foreclosures or Atlanta Short Sales or Atlanta Home Auctions, but all over.

I sent him my report about auctions and encouraged him to read my auction blogs.

Nevertheless, his mind was made up, so I did what any good agent would do, I supported my client. We did our part…I took him to the properties, he inspected them, registered for the auction, went there and bid on them and guess what, he got BOTH of the properties he wanted. CASH ONLY deals of which both of the houses needed $75k-$200k worth of work just to make them livable again.

We left happy and I was pleased Mr. A got what he wanted. Then the REDC did it AGAIN. They started playing the “…we’re still waiting on the seller to respond game…” The REDC started saying “…contact the closing attorney for more info…”, and the closing attorney said “…contact the REDC, we don’t know what’s going on….”

I played the “follow up game” for over a month until FINALLY we find out that the banks did not accept EITHER property. The REDC and closing attorney had in fact found this information out over three weeks ago, but did not redc-broken-dreamsinform us.

In the meantime, my buyer had gotten estimates, did inspections, started organizing the crews to get the homes in order and needless to say, got very emotionally attached to what he was going to turn these homes into.


Since I started blogging about the REDC, I’ve had SEVERAL people reach out to me and tell me their stories of broken dreams, marriages ending and heartache that trying to buy from an auction cost them.

The REDC touts themselves as the “Atlanta Foreclosures and Atlanta Bank Owned” Inventory Specialists. They pay high dollars on marketing (which by the way, you end up paying for on the 5% mark up fee) to promise people the opportunity of owning a home for 50 cents or less on the dollar.

The fact of the matter is that the REDC are BRILLIANT marketers. I encourage ANYONE looking for a good deal to find them elsewhere than in auction houses. I have seen my buyers’ hearts broken one too many times and its a shame that my client got their heart broken by the REDC!!!!