October 31, 2011

President HARP’s on new program to assist Homeowners Looking to Refinance

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  Obama’s HARP is playing in Washington for homeowners who may be underwater with their mortgages!

The current Administration’s Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP) has been designed to assist homeowners in refinancing their mortgages – even if they owe more than the home’s current value. The program allows refinancing of qualifying loans if the borrower owes up to 125 percent of the home’s value. Since its inception however, 9 out of 10 of eligible homeowners have failed to take advantage of this government program.

The HARP program will allow homeowners who have made timely mortgage payments in the last year to refinance even without the equity in their home that traditionally they would need to refinance. One important aspect of the stipulations to note is that homeowners current mortgage would have to have been sold to Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac before May 31, 2009. The HARP program will be presented in phases with loan applications starting at December 1, 2011 or after.

The enhancements to the HARP program will include:

  • Eliminating certain risk-based fees for borrowers who refinance into shorter-term mortgages and lowering fees for other borrowers;
  • Removing the cap on loan-to-value (LTV) – previously set at 125 percent – to allow far more borrowers to qualify (effective sometime in the first quarter of 2012);
  • Extending HARP through December 31, 2013; and
  • Streamlining the process further for borrowers.

HARP generally reduces the borrowers’ monthly mortgage payment by providing a new loan at a lower interest rate, and may also be used to replace an adjustable-rate or interest-only loan with a fixed interest rate loan. To find out  if you may qualify for the HARP program please contact your local Mortgage lender.


August 18, 2011

The one call a Listing Agent NEVER wants to get!

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As I flew out the door headed to my seller’s house I went over in my mind what the showing agent had said, “The basement carpeting is soaked, can’t tell where it’s coming from, better let the owner’s know!” Yeah, not so easy to do since my seller was out of the country, with no return in sight. As I opened the lockbox and headed for the basement I hoped for the best, but feared the worst. The carpet was wet in different places, and I couldn’t tell where the water was coming from. My mind immediately kicked into recovery mode and I called my assistant to get the number for a few of our plumbing vendors, and restoration clean up companies. Five phone calls later, including one to my trusty home inspector to find out where the water shut off valve might be, I had a moment to take a breath, and regain some vestige of composure. This might have been something I could wrap my brain around if my home owner was in the same HEMISPHERE as me and knew about his EMERGENCY home disaster! But being the ultimate professional Realtor that I am, who thinks on her feet, I realized I was on my own with this little misadventure.

According to my assistant, it was approximately 12:30 AM in the region that my home owner was visiting, and as he slept peacefully, with full confidence in my ability to protect his interests in his absence, I tried to convince myself not to run away, since I could think of a few countries I would rather be visiting myself at that exact moment. One more deep breath, and the plumber finally arrived. He found the culprit pipe leak within minutes and proceeded to ask who was paying for his services today. I looked around and didn’t see anyone else, so I reluctantly signed off on the $350 service fee, happy that the flood had subsided. Not long after, the restoration company showed up for what was going to turn into a much longer stay than the plumbers. As I threw the clothes that had gotten soaked in the washer, turned it on, and gathered up the remaining delicate items to drop off at the dry cleaners, I looked around at the damage to report to my home owner. It was obvious that it was going to turn into a home owner’s insurance claim, but I didn’t have his insurance information, deductible, etc and did I mention it was the middle of the night where he was? Oh well, story for another day. As the words ‘above and beyond the call of duty’ wafted through my mind, I smiled and thought to myself , “I’d hope that he would have done the same for me if he was in my place”, and either way, this is what being the best is all about.

It’s about protecting your client’s best interest, whatever it takes! If this sounds like the kind of ‘service with a smile’ you are looking for when you are ready to put your house on the market, give me a call at 678-463-3173, that’s Winter Baserva, real estate agent extraordinaire!

May 20, 2011

NAR says Buyers are Passing on ‘fixer-uppers’ in favor of ‘move-in ready’!

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NAR Says Buyers are Passing on ‘Fixer-Uppers’ in favor of ‘Move-in Ready’

I recently came across an article written by the National Association of Realtors reporting that most buyers today are bypassing Fixer-Uppers in favor of houses that are move-in ready. They further state that according to recent surveys ‘87% of first time buyers say they desire a move-in ready home.’

“This is absolutely the story of this market. It seems buyers will pay a premium, engage in a bidding war, and even overpay just to avoid buying a ‘project’ house,” says Beth Freed of Terrie O’Connor REALTORS in Ridgewood, NJ.

According to the NAR’s latest findings, homes that have been spruced up before being put on the market will sell quicker. For the seller this doesn’t mean they will be needing to take out a second mortgage to do major repairs or costly renovations, it simply means they need to put a fresh face on their home before putting up that ‘for sale’ sign in the front yard.

Here is a list of recommendations for homeowners getting ready to put their house on the market:

And finally, with buyers looking for move-in ready homes, it is a good idea for sellers to get their homes inspected before they put it on the market so that any major maintenance issues, leaky roofs, electrical or safety issues are discovered and taken care of BEFORE the house goes on the market.

April 20, 2011

In Real Estate the Golden Rule rules!

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In Real Estate, the Golden Rule rules!!

I heard recently of a book called ‘The Go-Giver’, where the premise of the book is that in order to be successful in sales, you should put others needs, and desires first, instead of your own. You know, the Golden Rule we (some of us) learned as children? Since I have heard it said that the general public considers real estate professionals to be just a step above car salesman, I can see where this kind of sentiment is coming from. Whereas I have found most real estate salespersons to have entered the field with altruistic motives, it’s not a stretch to believe that some have ‘fallen from the path of good intent’.

I am a little astonished that we need someone to write books to remind us that we should treat others the way we would like to be treated. Has it come to this? Like this is some new, brilliant concept that the world is waking up to. Or is it simply something many have forgotten in their ‘Go Taker’ mentality, as this author calls it?

As the author insists, when you put the other person’s (your clients) needs above your own, then you will most likely come out ahead yourself. In real estate it makes perfect sense to put your clients needs first because this is a business where you get the privilege of helping someone find their ‘dream home’, their ‘first home’ or their investment for their future. All of these are lofty goals, and our priority should be to treat each client like we would want someone else to treat our mother, father, sister, or brother. Real estate is very strongly based on referral business, and your character determines your reputation!

In other words, “It’s not about you, it’s about them.”

So, how can we apply Go-Giver principles to a real estate business?

•·         We can take such good care of our clients that they can’t wait to refer us to everyone they come across whose looking for the ‘best’ agent

•·         We can be completely up front with our sellers about the current market and what the market will bear, instead of taking the listing at a price that will never sell just to get a listing

•·         We can do our homework ahead of time with our buyers and help look at the houses that will suit their needs instead of letting them look thru hundreds of listings hoping they will find the right ones to look at        

•·         We can provide clear explanation of our commission structure to sellers with full disclosure as to what the extent of our services are that we provide for them          

•·         We can help buyers decide if this is the right time for them to buy instead of trying to push them into buying without ‘counting the cost’

For me this is not a new concept, and I hope it isn’t for you either. For all of us, the ‘Golden Rule’ should be the ‘Rule’, and not the ‘exception!’

March 2, 2011


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I come across some of the same questions and “myths” from home owners over and over about Atlanta foreclosures. Its quite interesting how far these myths have spread over time and how inaccurate some of them are……I’m going to debunk a few of the common myths that seem to be circulating among consumers…

Myth #1: The bank really wants your home back.

THE TRUTH: Believe me, the LAST thing the bank wants is your home back. It’s important to understand that the banks are not brokers, property managers, or agents, and they do NOT want that business. It’s not your home they want, BUT THE MONEY LENT FOR ITS PURCHASE that they want to recover. Foreclosure is a time-consuming, last-resort process for banks, and most will do everything possible to work things out with a homeowner in order to avoid it.

Myth #2: Filing for bankruptcy stops a foreclosure.

THE TRUTH: This one stumps everyone. First, you have to look into the different types of bankruptcy and what you will find is that they vary as much as the color of socks in a sock drawer. While many think they can “cheat” the system this way, bankruptcy creates only a temporary delay in the foreclosure process, so using it as a strategy for stopping it altogether will ultimately fail.

Myth #3: The Atlanta Home Owner is NOT Responsible for Paying the Bank’s Legal Fees.

THE TRUTH: SURPRISE……as an Atlanta Home Owner in default, you actually are responsible for ALL THEIR LEGAL FEES. All of the details are in your mortgage agreement, so take a close look at the fine print…I think the revelations might ASTOUND you.

Myth #4: Even if I pull together the money I owe after the foreclosure process has begun, it’s too late to stop it.

THE TRUTH: : It’s NEVER to late to work out options. I have had some Atlanta foreclosures stopped the DAY it was supposed to be foreclosed on. Banks and lenders do not want borrowers to lose their homes and they REALLY don’t want another asset on their books. They consider the foreclosure option to be the ABSOLUTE last resort.

The truth is that lenders can expect MOST of the time to lose money in the foreclosure process. Even if foreclosure proceedings have begun, it’s not too late to be considered for a loan modification, short sale or other foreclosure alternative. Borrowers should contact a REALTOR®  to find out what their options are as soon as they know their mortgage is becoming a difficult thing for them to pay. The best way to avoid a foreclosure is to put yourself in contact with the people who can help you along the process. YOU DON’T HAVE TO GO AT IT ALONE.

 MYTH #5: The bank will take all my stuff along with the house.

THE TRUTH: All personal property is yours to take; however, fixtures, floor coverings, appliances and anything else permanently attached to the house must stay.

MYTH #6: My involvement with the property is over once the bank takes it back.

THE TRUTH: After Atlanta foreclosure, if the bank sells the home for less than you owed on the mortgage, you’ll still be responsible for the difference, or “deficiency.” What’s more, they can collect interest on that amount. A deed in lieu of foreclosure or chapter 7 bankruptcy may clear you of owing a deficiency, so consult a bankruptcy attorney if you have questions about your status and options.


 Myth #7: If you’re foreclosed on, you will not be able to get another mortgage.

THE TRUTH:  Will a foreclosure hurt your credit…YES and it’s true that it may take a several years to qualify for a mortgage after a foreclosure, but it can be done with some effort and planning. If the default was caused by extenuating circumstances, such as a job loss or serious illness, then Freddie Mac guidelines state that the borrower must re-establish an acceptable credit reputation for at least the most recent 36 months before applying for a new mortgage.

March 1, 2011


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Media Contact:

Brian Cowling

Director of Strategic Growth



  Agent Contact

Winter Baserva, Realtor®



For Immediate Release

March 5-8, 2011

Realtor®, Winter Baserva, Defies Odds in a Down Market &
The Networks Are Paying Attention!

ATLANTA, GA-February 28, 2011 – A major California production company will be in Atlanta March 5-8, to film local real estate agent and wave maker, Winter Baserva, of Seasons Realty Group team of Solid Source Realty, Inc. in her second episode on HGTV’s House Hunters. The popular show, which has an average of five million viewers per episode, takes viewers behind the scenes of the emotional experience of finding and purchasing a new home. Shot over four days, the episode will be release approximately 6-8 months following shooting.

“I was approached directly by the show in 2009 because of my out-of-the-box approach to buying and selling in today’s real estate market. My original episode, Pampered Pooch, featured me and my buyers “shopping” in the Brookhaven area. Since its launch date in January 2010, it continues to run on HGTV,” said Winter Baserva, Realtor®, Seasons Realty Group of Solid Source Realty, Inc. “I’m honored and humbled to be the only real estate agent in Atlanta featured on the show TWO times, in addition to being less than a handful of agents EVER featured on the show two times.”

In a time where most agents are struggling for business, Baserva is defying the odds and has set ground-breaking records within her brokerage. “Winter’s commitment to provide exceptional service, coupled with genuine care for others, is felt by clients and co-workers during every transaction.  She consistently delivers service beyond client expectations and extraordinary success continues to follow her hard work.  Winter ranks in the top 1% of over 2700 Solid Source Agents in one of the most challenging real estate markets in real estate history.  Achievement of this magnitude is a direct reflection of her commitment, attention to details, focus and drive.  It is an honor to have her representing Solid Source Realty,” said Michele Velcheck, owner, Solid Source Realty.

She has also set records for her own personal production. “More millionaires were made during the Great Depression than any other era in U.S. History,” said Baserva. “I specialize in good deals and selling homes for top dollar. There are tremendous opportunities for both buyers and sellers in today’s market for those willing to find them.”

While buyers still have the upper hand, Baserva says her sellers are benefitting from today’s market as well. “My sellers are also seeing the benefits a down market can bring, especially if they are looking to upgrade, downgrade or purchase a second home.”

“I’m so excited about where the real estate market is heading. Unfortunately, we don’t get to see enough ‘good news’ about the housing market and I can say that I’m thrilled that I am able to be a part of how Atlanta is getting positive exposure for being the wonderful, amazing, resourceful, business Mecca that it truly is,” concludes Baserva.

It’s this type of resourcefulness and mindset that has landed Baserva a spot on a national television show for her second time. For more information, please contact Winter Baserva at 678-463-3173, winter@seasonsrealtygroup.com 



As an expert in all aspects of real estate from buying and selling to investing and REO properties, Baserva builds her business based on honesty, respect, and trust by empowering her clients with the education and tools needed to make an informed decision.  Raised in Roswell, GA, and a graduate from Chattahoochee High School in Alpharetta, she moved back to Atlanta in 2007, after working for a residential brokerage and commercial developer in Florida.

Her career originally started out in communications, marketing and public relations. Baserva has previously held positions with the Miami Art Museum, Miami Children’s Museum, Grove Garden Luxury Residences, and others helping them grow their businesses through publicity management and strategic marketing campaigns. Her skills have received attention from highly-accredited publications such as Interior Design, Time Magazine, The Chicago Tribune, Atlanta Journal Constitution, and many others. 

She is active in many community organizations and donates to several community causes including Center for Visually Impaired, and Smile Train, a company that gives children with clef lips a new chance at life, and Have a Heart. 

Originally from Atlanta, GA, Baserva graduated from The Florida State University with a Bachelor of Science in Communications with an emphasis in Public Relations. She currently resides in Sandy Springs.

February 21, 2011

Atlanta Relocation…..What to Look for in an Atlanta Relocation Home!!!

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Relocation…..What to Look for in an Atlanta Relocation Home!!!

Atlanta, the sixth-largest city in the Southeastern region and home to over 5.3 million residents, has undergone a transition from a city of regional commerce to a city of international influence. It has been among the fastest growing cities in the developed world for over a decade. And, fortunately for those of us who live here, we see no signs of this slowing down. As a matter of fact, by the year 2020 Atlanta is projected to house over 8 million residents!!! And, with all of the global technology companies and international corporate headquarters such as UPS, Delta, Coca-Cola, CNN, TBS, the Center for Disease Control, etc. there will continually be a steady flow of people relocating to the area.

So, when you are being relocated to the sweet tea capital of the world, keep in mind these simple tips when your company or you are looking for your perfect relocation home:

•1)    LOCATION-How many times have we heard this one?? We’ll, you will need to consider this EVEN MORE carefully in Atlanta, as some of the commutes can have you in your cars for days. Most people who are relocating to the area opt for a “suburban feel” with proximity to “the city” where most headquarters are located…..In comes the ideal town of Sandy Springs. Perfectly situated near I-285 and GA-400, this is one of the BEST areas in terms of family life, proximity, shopping, entertainment and more. The air is clean, people friendly and you have access to just about ANY restaurant, store, etc. that you may need.

As a real estate agent I spend 90% of my time in the car and doing ANYTHING to avoid the ATL grind, and I’m happy to say that Sandy Springs/Atlanta has been my home for the last three years. It’s just SO close to the city and SO safe and suburban. Remembering your location is the first tip to finding a good Atlanta home.

 •2)    FEATURES-Most people that are being relocated to the area tend to hold high power, high stress and highly time consuming jobs. Renovations and rehab are not items that most are able to do and even if they wanted to or could afford to, just don’t have the time. You will want to find a home that has the features you want, so you can move right in and get settled. Things that resell in Atlanta and hold significant value include BRICK homes, RENOVATED kitchen’s and bathrooms, and having basements either for storage or for additional play area. Yards go a long way here too, so in your search, be sure to find homes that have these things taken care of, so you can get on to the more important things in life!

 •3)    VALUE-Who doesn’t want a good deal in this market?? But, where does value exactly come from?? This point can be summed up by my previous points, having the right location, the right features and the right price….THIS EQUALS VALUE!! Be sure to find a home that exudes this quality!!!

 •4)    BASEMENTS-While this is really one of the “features” you are looking for, finding a home with square-footage and more importantly, a basement will be KEY to your resell value. Atlanta is BIG ON BASEMENTS. Its pretty hard to find homes “inside the perimeter” with basements that go beyond your typical crawl space, so have an open mind and seek homes “just outside the perimeter” that will bring you more square footage and better value.

While these are just some of the things to look for when relocating to Atlanta, other things such as low land taxes and schools will also need to be considered. Although, its hard to find all of the items above in a home, its not impossible.

Recently, this BREATHTAKING ASSET SALE that has been reduced $159,000.00 and had $80,000.00 worth of upgrades has recently come up for sale and is the PERFECT relocation home. It also represents EVERYTHING above which is all but impossible to find in one shot!


No expense has been spared and your tastes are ignited as you witness the designer features, like a choice of TWO MASTER SUITES (one upper and one on the main) with the SPA-LIKE master bath renovations. Or, maybe you prefer to have a cup of joe in the ADDITIONAL KEEPING ROOM with VAULTED CEILINGS or FORMAL DINING . Better yet, prepare a meal and IMPRESS YOUR FRIENDS in the RENOVATED kitchen that sparks the inner-chef in you!!!

This gem boasts so many well-appointed features; it’s hard to cover them all. What I can say for sure is that this home is NOT the home for you if…..

*You DON’T need an abundance of space.
*You want a “small home”
*You ONLY entertain two times a year.
*You want a “FIXER UPPER“.
*You DON’T want to impress your friends and family.
*You’re NOT looking for a GREAT value!
*You DON’T want Loads of Parks and Tons of Activities to do!
*You just DON’T enjoy the finer things in life.

With a complete renovation from the studs in, this resort-like home proves a luxury living experience with every modern convenience, yet still captures its authentic old world charm at a FRACTION of what you might expect to pay.

 Other Special Features Include:

•  Gorgeous CHEF’S Kitchen Renovated From the Studs In..Means NO REHAB!!!  

 NEWER Antiqued Cabinets, Striking GRANITE Counters, Tile Backsplash and STAINLESS APPLIANCES!!!


•  Stunning FLOOR-TO-CEILING Dramatic Fireplace Keeps you COZY in the Winter!! 

•  True to Its Character, enjoy AUTHENTIC, Original Gleaming Oak Hardwood Floors!! 

•  NO Dated Marble Here…Enjoy the ULTIMATE in Luxury Living as You’re Greeted with a TRAVERTINE Foyer

•  WOW!! A Choice of TWO MASTER Suites each with SPA-LIKE Master Bath Retreats!!! 

•  Secondary Rooms are OVERSIZED, so BRING ON THE Big Family!! 

•  Designer Paint Throughout! Oh Yeah!

•  FULL Daylight, Walk-Out Basement to EXPAND, but You Probably Won’t Even Need To!!! 

•  LAVISH, PRIVATE Back Yard PERFECT for the Entertainer in You!

•  Custom Built-In Bookshelves to Store Your Family Memories!!! 

•  Friendly & SAFE Swim/Tennis-AVAILABLE Neighborhood w/ MOM’S Day Out Program!  

•  Located Near Church, so SLOW Traffic!

•  Close to PARISH/PRIVATE School, which GIVES YOU OPTIONS!! 

•  Perfectly Situated off GA-400 Exit 5 & Abernathy Near SHOPPING, RESTAURANTS, PARKS, ENTERTAINMENT!!

•  So CLOSE, You’ll Think Your ITP, but WITHOUT the ITP Taxes!   

•  Unique Architectural Details Give This Traditional Home a Modern Feel!

•  Loads of Natural Light Overlooking Rich, MATURE LANDSCAPING!

•  Lowest-Priced Luxury Home Featured in Atlanta’s TOP SCHOOL District  


 But, don’t take my word for it, see this stunning beauty for yourself:

For more information or to schedule your own private tour, visit www.SeasonsRealtyGroup.com or call Winter Baserva at 678.463.3173

February 10, 2011

Atlanta Realtor, Winter Baserva, to be on upcoming episode of HGTV’s House Hunter’s Again!

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When I got the call from High Noon productions that they wanted me to star in an episode for HGTV’s ‘House Hunters’ in 2009, I was beside myself. I asked them how they found me and why they were interested in me and they said they were looking for really fun agents that were having smashing success in a down economy. I guess my making fun of Brittney Spears was noticed by someone…


My clients and did a test shoot and within a week found out we were approved for our very own episode. That means out of 62,000 licensed agents in Georgia, I was selected to be one of the three to ever air in the Atlanta area…. 

What’s crazier….I was recently contacted by Pie Town productions to do a SECOND episode….This means I am the ONLY Atlanta Agent to EVER be featured on a House Hunters episode TWO times. 

To say I’m humbled is an understatement!

So, what can you expect in my episode???? We’ll I can’t give the details YET..But, stay tuned and I’ll fill you in on the upcoming shoot dates and what to expect.

 Here is an excerpt from my previous episode “Pampered Pooch” 


 The episode airs in the Fall, so be on the lookout for the launch date. And, if you would like to start your own house hunt with me, please give me a call at 678-463-3173.

  Thank You!

 Winter Baserva 

Real Estate Extraordinaire

Team Leader, Seasons Realty Group of Solid Source Realty, Inc.


678-463-3173 cell


January 19, 2011

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 How to Choose A Real Estate Agent in Today’s Home Market

I’m often asked “How do we know when we’ve chosen the right agent.” While there are many tremendous agents out there with a great deal of passion and skill, there are also many who over promise and under-deliver. It’s always so distressing to me when I’ve been chosen by a seller who has previously had a “bad” experience with an agent. I don’t think agents realize when they don’t perform, it affects our entire industry.

 In my history, I have heard things like “…you’re amazing and we have decided to sell with you…unlike many of the agents we talked to, you’re not like a typical car salesman…”  WOW…that one really sunk in. Real estate agents have been compared to car salesman. While I think real estate sales is one of the most noble professions and conduct my business on complete ethical guidelines and top notch service, we still have a long way to go in how the industry is “represented” to the consumer.

Therefore, I have this information guide for consumers to give you a little bit of information on how to interview and select a REALTOR®, as well as an provide some background on our history, business philosophy and work ethic, so that together we can make the home selling process a bit easier.

However, documentation beats conversation and loads of home sellers and buyers have already hired us and watched their home move very quickly; we look forward to having you benefit from our unique service approach too.

Here are some of the critical questions you will want to ask during your REALTOR® interviews. Compare our answers with those of others and you’ll see why so many buyers and sellers chooseWinter Baserva.  

•§  How many homes have you sold this year?

Not just homes that they “listed”, but also ask them to include how many homes they represented the buyers on as well….You want an agent that understands the mentality of buyers and knows how to work through their objections. It’s important the agent you hire understand BOTH sides of the equation.

Note: Don’t be surprised if some agents may be put off when asked this question…If they become offended, it’s because they are not very proud of their accomplishments.

 •§  What are your yearly statistics and/or do you have any awards or recognition?

Again, some offense may be taken, but it’s only because they aren’t very certain in this area. Awards don’t make or break an agent’s ability. A lot of awards are meaningless. However, you will get a good idea of the type of agent this person is in their response.

 •§  Why are you in real estate?

It’s O.K. to want to know people’s motivations! Buyers will want to know your motivations too!

 •§  What is your background? How did you get involved in real estate? Did you go to college? What’s your education level?

If they say they went to any other school than Florida State, you can kindly ask them to leave <wink>! No, seriously, don’t you want to know how your agent got involved in the industry and why?

 •§  How do you market your properties? What technology-based tools are you using?

If you don’t pay attention to anything else, DO NOT MISS THIS PART!! It’s IMPERITIVE that the agent you hire understand how to get your property sold. Typically, the ones that are more technology savvy have higher success rates and in shorter amounts of time. How they answer this will show you how fast or slow your home will sell…

•§  What are your responsibilities to me?

What is responsibility??? A RESPONSE with ABILITY…Wouldn’t you like to know how the person you are going to hire can RESPOND with ABILITY?

 •§  What is included in your services? Will I have to pay for anything?

From flyers, to lock boxes, to signage, to website publishing, what will I get for your fee? And, do you charge administration fees, retainer fees, or any other fees I need to be aware of?

 •§  Will I be dealing with your assistant after the home goes up for sale? Who will be handling the calls on my property?

The last thing you need is an agent that passes the buck to their assistant to field calls when that person doesn’t know a thing about the home. Find out HOW involved your agent and their team will be in your home sale.

 •§  What are your fees??

Obviously, this one is probably at the top of the list. But, let me put out one word of caution. If you meet an agent that is going to roll over and bend on their brokerage fee, how do you think they will represent you at the negotiating table?? Its great to get a deal, but you have to ask yourself….”If an agent won’t stand up for their own worth, how can I expect them to stand up for mine?

 •§  What if my home doesn’t sell?

Back up plans are crucial in today’s market…what’s theirs?

 •§  What needs to be done to get my home to sell quickly?

Don’t you want to have the best competitive advantage available? Your agent should be able to give you some pointers as to how to accomplish your goal as quickly as possible.

 Other Quick Tips:

  •·         Google your agent! If they can’t get themselves exposure, how do you expect them to get your home exposure??

 •·         Call your agent from an unknown number after 6 p.m. or on the weekends. Do they pick up or does their office or assistant pick up? If they are unavailable, do they respond in a timely manner? DO THEY GIVE YOU THE PRICE AUTOMATICALLY?? This question is crucial to find out and we’ll discuss why when we meet.

 •·         Ask for references and/or check their online references. If they don’t have raving fans who are willing to put out a testimonial for them, they may not be worth raving about.  

Winter Baserva’s Biography

As featured on HGTV’s House Hunters, Winter is an expert in all aspects of real estate from buying and selling to investing and REO properties. She builds her business based on honesty, respect, and trust by empowering her clients with the education and tools needed to make an informed decision. 

Raised in Roswell, GA, she moved back to Atlanta in 2007, after working for a residential brokerage and commercial developer in Florida.

Her career originally started out in communications, advertising, marketing and public relations and has previously held positions with the Miami Art Museum, Miami Children’s Museum, Grove Garden Luxury Residences, and others helping them grow their businesses through publicity management and strategic marketing campaigns. Her public relations skills have received attention from highly-accredited publications such as Interior Design, Time Magazine, The Chicago Tribune, Atlanta Journal Constitution, and many others.  She was recently featured on the nationally-recognized HGTV’s House Hunters.    


She currently runs the Seasons Realty Group, a real estate Mecca of extraordinary agents dedicated to the utmost performance. She is active in many community organizations and donates to several community causes including Smile.org, Center for Vision Impaired, Alzheimer’s Association, Girls Making It On Purpose and the Healthy Start Coalition. 

Originally from Atlanta, GA, Baserva graduated from The Florida State University with a bachelor of science in communications with an emphasis in public relations. 


  • Winter was born in Denver, Colorado and raised in Atlanta, GA. She graduated from Chattahoochee High School in Alpharetta.
  • Baserva has been licensed in real estate since 2004 and is licensed in both Georgia and Florida.
  • Member of the Atlanta Board of REALTORS® and National Association of REALTORS®
  • ERA Top Producing Agent Company Wide 2009
  • ERA’s #1 Selling Agent 2009
  • Million Dollar Club Award Recipient 2009
  • Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist
  • Baserva’s out-of-the-box talents have been noticed and featured on the nationally-recognized HGTV’s House Hunters!!
  • Baserva’s public relations abilities have been noted in Interior Design, Time Magazine, the Chicago Tribune, Atlanta Journal Constitution and others.
  • Publisher of “How to Buy Foreclosures and Short Sales and the 10 Biggest Mistakes Buyers Make in Today’s Market” and “The 11 Fatal Mistakes Sellers Make in Today’s Market and How to Avoid Them.”
  • Cutting Edge Technology Leader with 3 interactive websites, 3 blogs and endless social networking media tools.  
  • She has 4 brothers and a sister named Summer. She also has a cousin named Autumn-I know!





January 4, 2011

Atlanta Homes for Sale: Year in Review.Winter Baserva, as Featured on ‘HGTV’

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Atlanta Homes for Sale: Year in Review

Winter Baserva, As Featured on HGTV’S HOUSE HUNTERS!


 2010…..WHAT A YEAR!!!!!!

In what others consider it to be a “down” market, these are the most opportunistic times available, for those willing to see that. According to the National Association of Realtors, your average agent sells 8 homes a year. This year, I sold 59!

The cherry on top of it all was that my episode of HGTV’s House Hunters aired for the first time in January 2010 and due to the large response has continued airing ever since:

Fifty-nine homes… It all started with my first sale of the year to one of my repeat investors and some of most amazing people I’ve ever met. We buy these homes for pennies on the dollar, fix them up and flip them for net profits of $25k+++ per home and we’ve done it MANY TIMES. Here’s a sampling of our after product that was SOLD to buyers this year:


And, boy with profits like that, my investors sure are happy with me!

As the first time home buyer’s credit diminished, buyer enthusiasm did not. This first time home buyers was over the moon when she got her good deal:

Many think that during the holidays, people aren’t buying homes, but on 12/23 just 2 days before Christmas of last year, and WITHIN TWO DAYS OF PUTTING IT ON THE MARKET, I pulled a buyer for my sellers on this lovely Roswell home.


Only to turn right back around and upgrade my folks into this amazing Roswell Home in Huntington Estates. My clients couldn’t believe how fast their home went and how easy the buying process was.   

As the first quarter came to an end, my pool of homes to market increased. Lovely products, with TOP OF THE LINE finishes hit the market under my direction, and sellers were able to walk away with TOP DOLLAR  for the properties they had loved so dearly, for so long.


And, while most people think that the “young” and “affluent” are buying houses, I was honored to sell Tom Ryan, a published author, 65 years wise, his FIRST HOME EVER! He was uncertain about whether we were negotiating too hard, but ended up with a STEAL on his first home and couldn’t be happier with how things turned out. Go Tom!

 And, as my team, Seasons Realty Group started ramping up, we saw a trend in more buyers hitting the waves and more families able to start their new lives off in a place they could call HOME.    


Happily, the Seasons Realty Group team and their leader continued to have nothing but rave reviews:


This year, I even saw a pick up in Atlanta new construction sales, which are all signs that the market is improving:


And, many Buckhead Homes and Brookhaven Homes in high price points were being taken off the market like wild fire; this young family upgraded from their 2 bedroom condo in Lenox Heights, to one of the most prestigious gated communities off Lenox Road.


And right after they bought, I got their condo under contract in TWO DAYS!!

As time went on, I made my mark in Horseshoe Bend in Roswell. A neighborhood where homes average 100-389 days on the market before they sell; I sold this man’s home in 11 days for FULL PRICE. We had another FULL PRICED back up offer in the wings just in case….:

And, his neighbors that hired me after they saw the successful marketing of his home; pleasantly saw their home sell shortly after despite unsuccessfully selling with another agent prior to me:

While many Atlanta Home Sellers were worried about whether their homes would sell, I continued to bring the buyer pool they were looking for and dwindled the housing supply in Atlanta:


Roswell, GA homes for sale was a term I used MORE than once. This area was HOT, HOT, HOT, in 2010. It’s no wonder why when CNN listed it as one of the Top 100 Places to live in the US.

 In less than 3 weeks, I was able to get this seller’s LAKE FRONT home under contract and SOLD!

And, my others sellers good offers came rolling in shortly after….


And my buyers continued to buy…


And, while we saw a decrease in Atlanta Foreclosures this year, I was still able to find the needle in the haystack with an UNBELIEVABLE amount of equity:

The new owners couldn’t believe how we structured their offer to get the bank to accept our terms:

And, just when I thought I couldn’t be more blessed or busy, I was able to work yet ANOTHER deal on this SEXY Brookhaven Home

And, with all of this success came the need for me to expand, and in came some more Seasons Realty Group agents. But, I COULDN’T have done it all without the most amazing business manager extraordinaire Suzanne Martin, a former top producing agent in MD who is my right hand gal, and CERTIFIED professional stager whose comments, and suggestions have been pivotal in selling my homes

As I end this year with 59 home sales, I leave you with the possibility that ANYTHING you want in life is possible. I feel SO BLESSED and HONORED that I get to practice what I LOVE every single day….

They say, “Find something you love to do and you’ll never work a day in your life,” I have found that, and I thank all of the people who trusted their home sale or home purchase with me and my team. For those of you who have worked with me or for me, know you’ve earned a friend for life and I’m always here for you. For those who haven’t, feel free to see what others have to say about my dedication and service.

“Everything you read about Winter here is ABSOLUTELY TRUE. She is AMAZING and her marketing and home selling expertise brought me 4 offers in 11 days!!! I COULDN’T BELIEVE in a down market Winter brought me a FULL-PRICE offer  on the 11th day AND had a fully-executed back up as well. I’ve watched homes in this neighborhood sit for 100-200 days and not sell. NOTHING about this transaction was easy, but Winter walked the buyers, the other agent, the attorney and the lender through the transaction. It was like watching a powerhouse! There was never a doubt that I would hire Winter, but she NEVER CEASED to amaze me with her energy, pride of work and professionalism. I have referred her to everyone I know and have been and will always be her WALKING BILLBOARD. If you even come CLOSE to having the possibility to work with her, consider yourself lucky! From Her marketing to her professionalism, to her dedication, to her experience, Winter IS ATLANTA REAL ESTATE!
R. Friedrich, VP Data Enterprise Architecture, Equifax”

I’m excited about what 2011 has to bring and what I bring to the table for those I get to work with. Here’s to a healthy, happy, prosperous and balanced 2011.




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