September 23, 2008

Price vs. Value! How to Sell Your Home in Today’s Atlanta Real Estate Market

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Profitability in Today's Atlanta Home Market

Profitability in Today


There is a game being played in the Atlanta real estate market right now and the players are buyers, sellers, and Atlanta realtors. Many are unaware of its existence and therefore Atlanta homes remain unsold, Atlanta home buyers with the funds to close are not buying, and more Atlanta realtors than ever are pursuing “other careers.” The game I speak of is the PRICE VS. VALUE GAME.

The rules are simple: sellers want price, so their decisions are based on numbers, facts, and very often, emotion—the trump card that is sure to knock all players out of the game. The buyers want value; they want the best possible thing the competition will allow. Let me say that again, THE COMPETITION!!! And, right now, there’s lots of it. So, why is it that the buyer who values competition so much end up paying more for a property than the one selling down the street?? The answer is VALUE. Buyers DO want a good deal, but they also want a property that is able to meet their needs: school district, location, square footage, upgrades, etc. AND are willing to pay more for it if its valuable enough to them. I mean would you buy a pair of shoes that don’t fit just to save a few dollars??

I sell Dunwoody homes, Roswell homes, Sandy Springs homes, and homes throughout the Atlanta area and I sell them fast. How do you ask?? We’ll for one, I don’t take listings, I MARKET properties. With over 10 years experience in marketing, communications and public relations, I GET THE WORD OUT. Real estate isn’t rocket science, but getting your property into the hands of the right target audience, we’ll that takes SKILL. Furthermore, I play the VALUE game and I play it full on. I sell my buyers and/or all potential buyers on the value your home has, not just the price tag. Once buyers see the true value, the price goes away.

Since I primary work with buyers, I understand the necessary elements a buyer needs to make a decision and see the value your home brings. Not all agents understand the dynamics of buyers and therefore stick to old routines and tactics to sell homes. In Atlanta’s real estate market, you have to be out-of-the-box, fresh, innovative, and most importantly understand the NEEDS AND MINDSET of buyers and be able to appropriately paint the picture for them, so as a seller, you get your ultimate result…PRICE.

For those who do not learn the rules of the game, you will lose (i.e., sellers and real estate agents). So, if you’re ready to play and have the determination to master the rules, then call me, so I can show you how to WIN this game of buying and selling homes in Atlanta during a down market.

Ready for an out-of-the-box approach to buying or selling your home???

Winter Baserva
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Luxury Homes in Atlanta  and Luxury Living in Atlanta

Luxury Homes in Atlanta and Luxury Living in Atlanta


September 2, 2008

The Future of Atlanta Real Estate

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GREAT NEWS!!! According to, these are the 10 CITIES that Forbes projects to have home prices increase:

* Albuquerque, NM

* Charlotte, NC

* San Antonio, TX

* Portland, OR

* Austin, TX

* Salt Lake City, UT

* Colorado Springs, CO

* Minneapolis, MN


* Oklahoma City, OK


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