September 30, 2010

Did You Know 13 Fortune 500 Companies Call Atlanta Home??

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 Did You Know 13 Fortune 500 Companies Call Atlanta Home??

From The Coca-Cola Company (rated the 9th best place to work in the world) to UPS to Home Depot, NCR, to Newell Rubbermaid, Atlanta has become a primary hub for some of the countries TOP global corporations. Atlanta’s long-standing reputation as a business-friendly city draws more and more of the countries headquarters here. This is just one of the reasons Atlanta is expecting a growth projection of 8 million residents by the year 2020!

 Other major top business names currently attracted to Atlanta include ING, Holiday Inn, Porsche Cars North America andAFLAC.                                                                                                           

 As a mater of fact, Forbes Magazine recently rated Georgia Number 6 for doing business. Georgia’s gross state product was $329 billion.



September 15, 2010

Atlanta Home Values-What the Recovery Means to YOU as an Atlanta Home Seller

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Atlanta Home Values-What the Recovery Means to YOU as an Atlanta Home Seller!


Atlanta home sales are rising…slowing, but surely. Soon, builders will be buying lots and building again and prices will no longer be in free fall. After so much pain, signs of a recovering housing market are starting to surface, so what does this mean to you as an Atlanta home seller??

For folks in the high-end market, this still means long waiting periods. In the mid-range homes in Atlanta, we are still seeing homes move at a fairly decent rate of 6-10 months. Of course, the lower-priced Atlanta foreclosures and Atlanta short sales is where we see most of the action occurring. A big chunk of the 1.9 million post-boom foreclosures have been among the least expensive of the 35% of homes.

For Atlanta home sellers, this means forgetting trying to compete with foreclosures on price. You have to keep in mind that some buyers will pay more for a home in move-in condition, so be sure to spruce yours up and sell that fact HARD in your marketing materials.

If you have to move out soon, its all about standing out in the crowd, so if you’re in a market where sellers are chunking down prices bit by bit, got for one BIG price cut. A BOLD move will attract attention and prevent the listing from going stale. Also, offer closing costs off the bat, since many buyers will be short on the cash to cover it and will be asking for it anyways. You can also throw in some necessary improvements, such as new carpeting, blinds, fresh paint, etc. to make it shine.

In the upper-tier market try to set a price at a level that doesn’t require a jumbo loan, if possible and know that prices will likely begin a full recovery in the next 12-18 months.

 This market for an Atlanta home seller requires SERIOUSLY UNDERCUTTING THE COMPETITION and marketing in a way that shows Atlanta home buyers VALUE

 The tax credit did a world of good for stabilizing home values, however, we’ll truly start to see the end of the housing bust once unemployment stabilizes.

 Despite the hurdles, the Atlanta home market is not as bad as it may seem. But, of course, you won’t hear news headlines of that nature.

 Since the beginning of 2010, over 20,849 homes have SOLD according to FMLS data. This is an average of 3,500 homes per month (that have been changed properly in the system). Not too shabby considering all of the doom and gloom talk. The bottom line is that Atlanta foreclosures have always been around, they always will be around, but the bottom has hit and there is still a limited window of opportunity left to capitalize on one of history’s BEST buying opportunities and selling opportunities if you can see the big picture in making up your lost equity through your next purchase.

 If you’re looking to sell your home for TOP DOLLAR, call me to find out how I’m selling about 90% of the homes I take on!


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 In 1949, thirteen of sixteen men died battling a relatively small blaze that turned deadly in Mann Gulch. Upon investigating the circumstances of why most of the smoke jumpers died while three lived, Norman Maclean wrote a book entitled Young Men and Fire, which is the true story of the smoke jumpers, (firefighters who parachute into the back country to fight fires in Montana). 
Maclean found some startling facts. Mann Gulch is surrounded by steep canyon walls with the northern slope at a 75% incline. When the wind turned on the smoke jumpers, they were in a race with the fire up those steep walls. Also, most forest fires feed off dry grass, but the north slope of Mann Gulch was mostly tall grass. Unexpectedly, the fire started to spread much faster than anticipated.   
One of the amazing things the author discovered was that the thirteen who died had carried their tools – heavy poleaxes, saws, shovels, as well as very heavy back packs – while attempting to out run the fire up those steep walls. In other words, the thirteen had run as far as they could with all their equipment, even though that equipment was worse than useless in a race with the fire. Their inability to drop their heavy tools and packs ultimately prevented them from outrunning the fire. To these firefighters, their tools were more than simple objects, they represented who they were, why they were there and what they were trained to do. Dropping their tools meant abandoning their existing knowledge, training and experience.
This might not seem like a hard choice to make, but because they hadn’t been trained for such a moment, they had no alternative models for behavior. In moments of uncertainty and danger, clinging to the old “right” way might seem like a good idea, but it is usually deadly.
The three survivors of the blaze were forced to think outside the box and use alternative methods of escaping the fire.  Once they figured out they were no longer fighting the fire and instead trying to escape from it, they realized they had to drop all of their useless equipment. One survivor used a technique called the ‘escape fire’ where he took a match and lit a ring around him so that the fire would “jump” over him.  When he tried to suggest it to the other men they continued running up the steep slope because the ‘escape fire’ technique had not been part of their training. It was their inability to drop the tools and equipment that weren’t working and seek new methods to help them escape that lead to the fire fatally engulfing them.
The question is this: What are the poleaxes, shovels and backpacks you’re running with? What are the tired, worn out strategies and tools you are lugging around with you? What existing models of behavior do you need to drop? What existing knowledge, training or experience needs to be abandoned?
A worldwide financial fire is raging and what got you here won’t get you there. The people who learn the critical business skills and tools necessary to survive and even thrive will be the winners in all this. But, this has always been true. Survivors and successful people are always learning and practicing to improve their game. New circumstances always require new skills and tools –  the alternative is suffering and death.

 What tools are you learning in this economy or are you willing to give up? Please share and let us all come together for a better 2010.


September 8, 2010

When a Seller Loses Their Mind, a Buyer Gets $174k Equity in this STEAL OF THE CENTURY in Brookhaven!

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When a Seller Loses Their Mind, a Buyer Gets $174k Equity in this STEAL OF THE CENTURY in Brookhaven!

Its official, my sellers have officially lost their mind!! So, why would I call my seller CRAZY??? Well quite honestly, anyone who drops the price $80,000 after putting $94,000 into it just HAS to be nuts!!! This is Brookhaven foreclosure pricing at its BEST…without the hassle!

And that is exactly what my BROOKHAVEN HOMEOWNERS  in Ashford Club have done.


This Brookhaven/Ogelthorpe Entertainer’s Estate with a MIND-BLOWING Renovation is now available for $174,000 off!!!!!!

And, it EVEN comes complete with a level lot..perfect for a pool or lounging in the sun.

I could try ALL DAY, but can never capture in words the exquisiteness of this one-of-a-kind brick beauty…so, take a peak for yourself!

The palatial elegance masterminded over the years on this STUNNING 4-sided brick and frame beauty provides a place of indulgence and TOTAL comfort in this extraordinary home, perfectly situated in the Heart of Atlanta.

This gem boasts so many well-appointed features; it’s hard to cover them all. What I can say for sure is that this home is NOT the home for you if…..

*You DON’T need an abundance of space.
*You want to be located “OTP
*You ONLY entertain two times a year.
*You want a “FIXER UPPER“.
*You DON’T want to impress your friends and family.
*You’re NOT looking for a GREAT value!
*You just DON’T enjoy the finer things in life.

With a complete renovation from the studs in, this resort-like home proves a luxury living experience with every modern convenience, at a FRACTION of what you might expect to pay.

Other rare features include:

  •  GORGEOUS Chef’s Kitchen Renovation with Granite Countertops & LAVISH Backsplash for ENTERTAINING!!!
  • Open Entertainer’s Floor Plan with Warm Inviting FIRESIDE Keeping Room!
  • GLEAMING Hardwood Floors on Main Level–EASY Clean Up!!
  •  HIGH Vaulted Ceilings with NATURAL Light Throughout~Low Bills!!!
  • LAVISH Master Suite with Sitting Area and DEEP WALK-IN CLOSET!!
  • Spa-Like Master Bath Retreat with Jetted Whirlpool Tub, Separate Shower and NEW TRAVERTINE Tile!!!
  •  SO MUCH DETAIL~Built-In Speaker System, Plantation Shutters & Custom Motorized Chandelier Systems
  •  More Detail~CUSTOM Silk Draperies, Solid Brass Fixtures, CUSTOM Outdoor Lighting & More
  • DESIGNER Paint Throughout!!!!~HOW SWEET???
  • Spacious Secondary Bedrooms with Upscale Finished Throughout!!!
  • New ROOF and Leafguard System with Added Downspouts & Underground Drainage System…Means No HASSLE!
  • Newer High-Efficiency Furnace/A/C Unit & Water Heater~OH YEAH!!
  •  OVERSIZED Cul-de-Sac Level Lot with PRIVATE, Fenced Back Yard and Mature Landscaping!
  •  $18,000 in Mature Landscaping & Hardscaping~No Out of Pocket Expenses for You~ />Rich & Elegant in EVERY WAY!
  • FULL Basement with Amazing Space!!
  •  Perfectly Situated Off I-285, in the HEART of Brookhaven & Oglethorpe Steps to Buckhead!

 As an agent that specializes in Brookhaven Homes and the sale of one captured on the Nationally featured HGTV’S House Hunters, I have been around the block and just can say I have not seen such an amazing home in this area in a LONG time.

For more information or to schedule your own private tour, visit or call Winter Baserva at 678.463.3173!