October 12, 2011

Winter Baserva, Atlanta’s Real Estate Expert is the Only Agent to Be Featured On HGTV’s House Hunters Atlanta..Twice!

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Winter Baserva, Atlanta’s Real Estate Expert is the Only Agent to Be Featured On HGTV’s House Hunters Atlanta…Twice!

Shooting my first episode on HGTV’s House Hunters in 2010, “Pampered Poochwas such an amazing experience. My clients Kelly & Brian had set out to find their perfect Brookhaven Home and we were able to capture all of the good, bad and ugly of the home buying experience. It truly bonded us along the way as well. Here is a little scene from my first episode, Pampered Pooch:



If you aren’t familiar with “House Hunters” the popular show, which has an average of five million viewers per episode, takes viewers behind the scenes of the emotional experience of finding and purchasing a new home.

My most recent episode: Engaged Couple Buys First Home in Atlanta aired on Sept. 25, 2011 and all I can say was it was a hilarious time filled with lots of funny moments…I think HGTV’s description says it all:

Tyler and Sherry are getting married in a few months and want to buy their first home in Atlanta, Georgia. But, with Sherry picking apart every cosmetic detail in the homes they see, and Tyler rating the quality of each room on a scale of 1 to 5, their realtor, Winter Baserva, is being put to the test. Can she find a place that meets their high standards?

And, here is a sneak peak of the second episode

I felt so honored and humbled to be choosen to do another Atlanta episode. This officially makes me the only Atlanta Real Estate Agent to be featured on the show twice.












But, aside from the glitz and glamour of being on TV, there is actually A LOT more than meets the eye….

For one, Atlanta is receiving BIG International Media attention for the business Mecca that it is. Being home to some of the Nations TOP global corporations like Delta, Coca-Cola, Center for Disease Control and NCR to all of the growth projections for the city, its truly rewarding to see Atlanta being highlighted on the map.

In addition to Pietown Productions, lots of other production companies are bringing their business, just see how much Atlanta is on the MAP in terms of movie making and that is all helping to fuel our local enconomy.

But above all else, this popularity, the increasing number of home sales and the influx of business is hopefully helping home owners understand that the economy is picking up, things are NOT that bad and we will ALL get through this.

I can’t speak for other agents, but I can tell you that according to the National Association of Realtors your average agent sells 6 homes a year, and to date my team, Seasons Realty Group and I have sold over 60 homes. That is 10 times your average agent….How, you ask??

We’ll aside from working 28 hour days everyday, there are still people buying and selling homes and we provide them with the utmost service and advice to help them get into their home or get it sold quick ….So sellers be happy, things are turning around …buyers enjoy this wonderful opportunity you have at your hands, it won’t be here forever…..

If you don’t get a chance to watch the second episode, here are a few clips:

The episode will continue to air throughout the year, so check HGTV for the upcoming schedule. And, if you would like to start your own house hunt with me and possibly be on my next episode, please give me a call at 678-463-3173.


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