January 4, 2011

Atlanta Homes for Sale: Year in Review.Winter Baserva, as Featured on ‘HGTV’

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Atlanta Homes for Sale: Year in Review..Winter Baserva, As Featured on HGTV’s HOUSE HUNTERS!

Atlanta Homes for Sale: Year in Review

Winter Baserva, As Featured on HGTV’S HOUSE HUNTERS!


 2010…..WHAT A YEAR!!!!!!

In what others consider it to be a “down” market, these are the most opportunistic times available, for those willing to see that. According to the National Association of Realtors, your average agent sells 8 homes a year. This year, I sold 59!

The cherry on top of it all was that my episode of HGTV’s House Hunters aired for the first time in January 2010 and due to the large response has continued airing ever since:

Fifty-nine homes… It all started with my first sale of the year to one of my repeat investors and some of most amazing people I’ve ever met. We buy these homes for pennies on the dollar, fix them up and flip them for net profits of $25k+++ per home and we’ve done it MANY TIMES. Here’s a sampling of our after product that was SOLD to buyers this year:


And, boy with profits like that, my investors sure are happy with me!

As the first time home buyer’s credit diminished, buyer enthusiasm did not. This first time home buyers was over the moon when she got her good deal:

Many think that during the holidays, people aren’t buying homes, but on 12/23 just 2 days before Christmas of last year, and WITHIN TWO DAYS OF PUTTING IT ON THE MARKET, I pulled a buyer for my sellers on this lovely Roswell home.


Only to turn right back around and upgrade my folks into this amazing Roswell Home in Huntington Estates. My clients couldn’t believe how fast their home went and how easy the buying process was.   

As the first quarter came to an end, my pool of homes to market increased. Lovely products, with TOP OF THE LINE finishes hit the market under my direction, and sellers were able to walk away with TOP DOLLAR  for the properties they had loved so dearly, for so long.


And, while most people think that the “young” and “affluent” are buying houses, I was honored to sell Tom Ryan, a published author, 65 years wise, his FIRST HOME EVER! He was uncertain about whether we were negotiating too hard, but ended up with a STEAL on his first home and couldn’t be happier with how things turned out. Go Tom!

 And, as my team, Seasons Realty Group started ramping up, we saw a trend in more buyers hitting the waves and more families able to start their new lives off in a place they could call HOME.    


Happily, the Seasons Realty Group team and their leader continued to have nothing but rave reviews:


This year, I even saw a pick up in Atlanta new construction sales, which are all signs that the market is improving:


And, many Buckhead Homes and Brookhaven Homes in high price points were being taken off the market like wild fire; this young family upgraded from their 2 bedroom condo in Lenox Heights, to one of the most prestigious gated communities off Lenox Road.


And right after they bought, I got their condo under contract in TWO DAYS!!

As time went on, I made my mark in Horseshoe Bend in Roswell. A neighborhood where homes average 100-389 days on the market before they sell; I sold this man’s home in 11 days for FULL PRICE. We had another FULL PRICED back up offer in the wings just in case….:

And, his neighbors that hired me after they saw the successful marketing of his home; pleasantly saw their home sell shortly after despite unsuccessfully selling with another agent prior to me:

While many Atlanta Home Sellers were worried about whether their homes would sell, I continued to bring the buyer pool they were looking for and dwindled the housing supply in Atlanta:


Roswell, GA homes for sale was a term I used MORE than once. This area was HOT, HOT, HOT, in 2010. It’s no wonder why when CNN listed it as one of the Top 100 Places to live in the US.

 In less than 3 weeks, I was able to get this seller’s LAKE FRONT home under contract and SOLD!

And, my others sellers good offers came rolling in shortly after….


And my buyers continued to buy…


And, while we saw a decrease in Atlanta Foreclosures this year, I was still able to find the needle in the haystack with an UNBELIEVABLE amount of equity:

The new owners couldn’t believe how we structured their offer to get the bank to accept our terms:

And, just when I thought I couldn’t be more blessed or busy, I was able to work yet ANOTHER deal on this SEXY Brookhaven Home

And, with all of this success came the need for me to expand, and in came some more Seasons Realty Group agents. But, I COULDN’T have done it all without the most amazing business manager extraordinaire Suzanne Martin, a former top producing agent in MD who is my right hand gal, and CERTIFIED professional stager whose comments, and suggestions have been pivotal in selling my homes

As I end this year with 59 home sales, I leave you with the possibility that ANYTHING you want in life is possible. I feel SO BLESSED and HONORED that I get to practice what I LOVE every single day….

They say, “Find something you love to do and you’ll never work a day in your life,” I have found that, and I thank all of the people who trusted their home sale or home purchase with me and my team. For those of you who have worked with me or for me, know you’ve earned a friend for life and I’m always here for you. For those who haven’t, feel free to see what others have to say about my dedication and service.

“Everything you read about Winter here is ABSOLUTELY TRUE. She is AMAZING and her marketing and home selling expertise brought me 4 offers in 11 days!!! I COULDN’T BELIEVE in a down market Winter brought me a FULL-PRICE offer  on the 11th day AND had a fully-executed back up as well. I’ve watched homes in this neighborhood sit for 100-200 days and not sell. NOTHING about this transaction was easy, but Winter walked the buyers, the other agent, the attorney and the lender through the transaction. It was like watching a powerhouse! There was never a doubt that I would hire Winter, but she NEVER CEASED to amaze me with her energy, pride of work and professionalism. I have referred her to everyone I know and have been and will always be her WALKING BILLBOARD. If you even come CLOSE to having the possibility to work with her, consider yourself lucky! From Her marketing to her professionalism, to her dedication, to her experience, Winter IS ATLANTA REAL ESTATE!
R. Friedrich, VP Data Enterprise Architecture, Equifax”

I’m excited about what 2011 has to bring and what I bring to the table for those I get to work with. Here’s to a healthy, happy, prosperous and balanced 2011.





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